Turn Your Nail Salon Into a Thriving Cash Machine

Turn Your  Nail Salon into a Thriving Cash Machine

If you’re a nail salon owner  and you find you have a high turn over with staff and/or your staff is not producing the kind of income you want for your business, you may want to take a look at how you are running your salon. Let me ask you this:

Are you leaving it up to your staff to market themselves or are you working with them on how to produce dollars for your business?

Let me explain…

I ran across a few salon owners who would hire Nail Techs/Cosmetologists then fire them after 90 days if they were not marketing or  bringing in business. Salons owners were leaving it up to the tech’s to make their business money. True, staff should be apart of the money making process, but the entire process should not be left to them.

 Just like corporations train their staff and employees, salon owners should too. Some nail techs are unsure how to market beauty or bring in clients. They’re great at doing nails but lack skills in the area of marketing. That’s where you come in, the salon owner.


Training Your Staff to Market Your Salon Effectively

If you want your employees to generate more clients, referrals, and sales then train them to do it.  A well trained staff following a money making game plan will not only make your salon money but make your beauty business more organized. When staff is making money they stay with you longer too. 
Here are some tips to help you understand what you need to focus on: 
  • Hold weekly meetings. At each meeting choose a topic that relates to growing the salon. It could be: how to get referrals, how to re-book and pre-book, how to promote the current special of the month, ways they can use their own social pages online to grow the business.
  • Have handouts ready at the meetings that has the ‘blueprint” of how to do each topic. Keep these in a binder as these pages will eventually make up part of your operations manual. Roll play with one another. Be sure to let your staff know this how it will be done by everyone. No one can just wing it or do their own thing. They can however, add their own personalities, but no one can totally deviate from the blueprint. This ensures everyone is on same page.
  • Reward your staff when they bring in new business. Making your staff feel appreciated will increase employee moral. Happy employees are better employees.
  • Build relationships with your staff. Take them out to lunch. Invite them for a BBQ. When you have a solid professional relationship with employees they stay with you longer.
  • Make it a must that everyone must up sell clients. That is offering additional products and services to everyone they service. This helps increase the amount of money that is made per client.


  • Train your front desk help too. They should know how to answer the phones and get prospects  coming in. Why not have them making calls to past clients and reactivating them or Following up with walk-ins that have come in a few days ago. They can also offer products and services to those sitting waiting to be seen. Having a plan of action for them can drastically help increase sales.
The worst thing you can do is just hire a Nail Tech or cosmetologist and hope they know how to market your business. Most times they don’t.  Sales and Marketing is a skill that usually don’t come with the license. Sales and Marketing is something that no matter what industry you are in you need to be trained to do well.


Also, Hiring highly skilled and experienced Nail Techs & Cosmetologists will do wonders for  your business. Staff that can go beyond just giving the typical nail service will give your salon a competitive edge, thus increasing the services you offer as well as your income.


If  as a salon owner you’re not sure how to market your business for success, learn how. The success of your salon depends on it. 


I know as a salon owner you may be busy with day to day operations and don’t have the time to devote to training. If this is the case, you should think about, hiring someone that can be your manager and handle this end of the business for you.
Marketing/Training is a critical aspect of making you more money. By implementing these things you will soon see an increase in your profits and clientele. So make time to get your salon on track and in the profit zone.


Again while these tips seem to be geared toward salons, Independent nail techs and cosmetologist need know these rules apply to them as well. You should train yourself on how to be proficient in running your business. Train yourself just as you would train your staff, if you had them.

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