Money Making Gift Certificate Strategy for Nail Technicians

Gift Certificate Marketing Strategy

Are you cashing in on one of the best marketing techniques in the beauty industry?

If you haven’t started using Gift Certificates, adding them to your menu can help add extra cash to your business during special days of the year like Birthday’s, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation Day, Black Friday, Christmas etc.  

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Gift certificates offer an opportunity to get new clients and another avenue to make more money.


Getting Your Gift Certificate Promo Off to a Good Start

Nail Technician AdviceAs a rule of thumb, if you are planning a promotion it’s best to start at least 3 months in advance.


Here’s how to kick off your gift certificates!

  1. Come up with a package deal for services you offer. Ones you think your clients would love to give away as gifts. Package deals work great for days like Mother’s Day and Black Friday, when people look for package gifts at great prices.  You can also of course have single service gift certificates or dollar amount certificates as well.
  2. Don’t just through your certificates on a paper flyer and stick it in an envelope. Make it really attractive. You want the person purchasing the gift certificate to be proud to give it to someone. Adding bows and ribbons to colored envelopes can jazz them up!  You can create or buy gift certificates. Just make sure they look great and professional, this is a must.
  3. Set a number of gift certificates you will offer. This also makes for a great marketing strategy by creating urgency to get them as you are only offering X number gift certificates and once they are gone they are gone. So make sure you put the bomb packages together when you run package promotions! ( You can always have extra certificates off to the side, however, for a “last minute” promo sale)
  4. Start advertising on social media, telling your clients about your Promotion and how they can get their certificates. Be sure to get your followers excited about you in the days leading up to the Holiday. Show case your work and your salon via video and pictures so clients and potential clients can see you are the go to person for nails, lashes, makeup etc. Drop teasers about your Holiday Promotion and why it will be the “Gift” of the year for anyone that gets a gift certificate! Create that buzz!
  5. Create a signature for your text messages, emails and social media post. Have your signature say something like “You Don’t Want to Miss My Black Friday Sale of The Year, Find out more at xxxxx (insert Facebook page, Instagram page, or website!) Be sure you put your promo all over your social pages with information.
  6. Send texts messages, emails, hand out flyer’s and use the FB messenger to get the word out about your promotion to those you know and come across. The idea is to not make it a secret that you will have gift certificates available during the Holidays, tell the world!
  7. Once you have sold gift certificates and clients begin to come in, be sure to collect their contact information, book the next appointment and follow up with a Thank you card. Turn new customers into clients that love your service and come back for more!

Other Useful Tips for Marketing Your Gift Certificates

Expiration Dates. You can give the gift certificates an expiration date, this helps get folks coming in. Usually 6 months to a year is good for an expiration date. Be sure everything is clear to the purchaser and be sure the expiration date is clearly on the certificate for the receiver to see.

Set your refund policy.  I typically offer a 3 day refund policy to the purchasers of my gift certificates.  I let them know that up front, always full disclosure. After that, they own the certificate and free to give it to whomever they wish.

There’s no refund if the receiver does not use the gift certificate. It’s good up till the expiration date. If someone calls after expiration date and within reason, you can have them come in if it means protecting the reputation of you or your salon and getting a happy repeat customer. On the other end, some will not come in or call at all for whatever reason.

To help people get the best experience, get the contact information of the person that will receive the gift certificate, call/text them to set an appointment to come in,  if it’s close to the expiration date let them know. This cuts down on any misunderstanding regarding the gift certificates and also gets people in sooner rather than much later.

Check Your State Law. It’s always a good idea however, to check your state law on gift certificates. Just do a quick Google search “Your State” + gift certificate law. Most gift certificate laws are geared toward certificates and gift cards that are issued by financial institutions. It will give more information on expiration dates, what you can or can not do.  It’s always good, to double check your state.

Set Appointments When Needed. Certain services may require an appointment, be sure anything you want the receiver to know is in the “small print” on the certificate and is crystal clear.

Pricing packages. When folks come in to redeem their gift certificates, you don’t want to be working hard for very little. So your packages and services should have a high perceived value that you can price without losing your shirt and you’ll be able to do in a reasonable amount of time.

Lets say you are offering a Luxury Mani-Pedi with Brow and Wax, Black Friday Special for example. Let’s say you value that package at $275 because of all that’s included, but for Black Friday only it will be $175.  You decided at $175 you still come out ahead.

The brow and wax would cost you time but can be done quickly and depending on the cost of products used when broken down by client would be about $4.59(example). You don’t lose money, time or short change yourself.  By adding the Brow and Wax to your package however, the package became more valuable as the client is receiving more great services. This is what’s meant by a high perceived value.

Don’t treat it as a discount. You are offering special pricing and it’s available for those that want to give a special and valuable gift to a friend or family member and look like they spent a million bucks 🙂

Have fun with this. Don’t let it stress you out or feel you have to have some 100 page marketing plan to execute. Jump in and DO YOUR BEST, learn from your experience so that the next one is even better! That’s the recipe for success!

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