Rebooking Your Way to More Money and Nail Clients

Make Money Rebooking Clients

Do You Schedule Your Nail Clients?  

To keep your books filled and to keep your money coming in consistently, you should make re-booking and pre-booking apart of your daily routine.

Relying on walk-ins makes it hard to plan your day as well as keep your money coming in consistently.  Walks in can be sporadic and sometimes a client may not come back at all.

If you want to make a drastic change in your business and income, start scheduling appointments.

We’ll discuss some of the benefits of each below:



Sometimes a client can walk out the door to never return. One way you can assure yourself of a returning client and keeping a steady flow of cash coming in weekly is by re-booking the next appointment before they leave your salon.

To do this effectively, pull out your scheduler and let them know you’ll need to see them back in ___ weeks. Then let them know what you have available and ask which of those days would work for them and if the same time would be good. You have to ask for what you want by phrasing your questions so that “Yes” is the answer.

Always give them the benefits, such as, they’ll get their favorite time slot and no making an appointment. If it’s the holidays you can let your client know its a busy time of the year, and re-booking today is a great way to get in and out.

Pre Booking

Another good practice is to pre-book your clients. This is re-booking plus getting them to book several future appointments as well. You can let your clients know this is a convenient way to fit their nail appointments in their schedule by having a standing appointment every 2-3 weeks. No worries of calling in to make appointments, or not getting their favorite time slot!  The benefits: It saves a lot of time, they only need to call if they are going to cancel. It’s a great way to maintain their look and best of all no waiting.

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Re-Book for Success

It’s all about giving them the benefits of why the should re-book or pre-book with you!  Put them in a position where YES is the only answer.  Clients love convenience, fast service, getting the time slot they love, maintaining that great new look… etc. If your service is good and your client had a wonderful experience, they will love to re-book as well as Pre-book!

Besides the great convenience to your client. You are staying on top of your business and keeping an watchful eye on your flow on money!


My Tips


1.Make sure you get every client that comes in to see you, contact information. This way if they do not re-book immediately you have a way to follow up with them via email, direct mail or  phone/text  to invite them back in to see you. Be sure to ask if receiving communications from you is ok, however. When they say yes add them to your database.

Following up is the key to getting more business and more money…

2.You should Call or text your clients to remind them of their appointment the day before to help cut-down on no shows. You can ask your client to call or text back to confirm appointment. This also gives you an opportunity to fill that time slot for that day in the event your client does not show.

These simple steps can actually help you get fewer no shows  and fill cancellations timely so that you keep your money flowing.

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Much Success,

Candace Harrison