How to Start a Beauty Blog That Makes Money – Pt 3

How to Start a Beauty Blog That Makes Money

Disclosure: Hey guys, this guide contains affiliate links and I will make a commission if you sign up with companies I recommend. I only promote quality products that benefit my readers and those I have used and experienced myself. Feel free to use any services you like. You can read my full disclosure here.




Welcome to Part 3 of the Blogging series  How to Start a Beauty Blog that Makes Money!”


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Now that we have your blog set up and running. It’s time to talk about making money with it!

Part 3

How to Make Your Beauty Blog Profitable

To have a profitable blog you must focus on 4 things to make money blogging.

  • Getting traffic to your site
  • Creating great content
  • Having quality products or services to sell
  • Collecting emails

Traffic –  You need people coming to your site to have a profitable blog. Someone has to buy.

Great content – Great content is what keeps people coming back to your blog.

Quality products – When visitors come to your site, to make money, you will need to sell something that they will love and not want to refund.

Collecting emails – Creating an email list gives you a way to market to your blog visitors over and over long after they have left your blog.  

Now let’s talk more about how to make money with your blog

In the next sections, I’m going to go over the “heart” and the “meat” of how you make money blogging.

I’m going to discuss ways you can Monetize your blog. This is what can to take your blog from $0-$5000+ per month .

Making  an upward 6 Figures blogging is very much a reality. However, it does take work, continued education, tweaking and fine tuning until you get the results you want.

Let’s get started….

#1 Post great content

The first thing you ‘ll need to do when starting a new blog is work on getting at least 20-25 blog posts on your site so that when visitors land on it there is something of value for them to read.

You don’t want to put up any kind of posts.  Everything you post should deliver value to the reader. Give your readers something they can walk away with that will help and benefit them. Do not simply try to fill up your blog with fluff type posts.

The more you can be a source of great information that solves problems people face the more people will engage with your content and keep returning to your blog.

For instance some of your blog post may solve aging problems, teach makeup application tricks, teach people how to do things, or give them great tips they can use to get great deals etc.

What makes a Great Blog Post

A great blog post have these 3 key features: 

An awesome Title that draws in the reader and make them want to find out more. 

Example Titles:

  • How to Grow Back Hair with My Secret Tea
  • 5 Ways to Regrow Hair with Alopecia
  • Are You Looking for a Hair Loss Remedy? Try this

Create content that solves problems or tells people how to do things better for better results. Deliver on what the title said. It should also have at least 400-2000 words and include photo’s to mentally connect readers to what you are writing about. 


  • If you have suffered hair loss, I’m going to share with you my secret tea to regrow your hair….etc etc etc. (Short version of a blog post  🙂 )

A “Call to Action” line that tells your reader what actions you want them to take. 


  • Click the link to get my Secret Tea


The good news is, not all posts have to be written by you. You can hire writers on places like Fiverr to write for you. You just want to make sure they are legit and do NOT copy posts from someone else’s blog. You want original material , not copied material.

We will discuss in a moment how to turn your  blog posts into money making posts using the above tips so it all makes sense. 

#2  Create Your Brand 

The next thing you’ll want to do is start creating your Brand. What this means is to have a consistent look across all the platforms you do business.

You want people to easily identify you no matter where you are. This means keeping your logo, colors and name the same on your social media accounts as well as your print materials and blog.

As you recall in Part 1 of this blog series,  I went over getting a domain that was also available to use as user names on your social media accounts. It makes it easy for clients and potential customers to find you.

However, if you can’t get your domain name or business name as your social media account names, you can go for something that’s close, either work well. The Key is to try to get them to all have the same name when possible.


Your blog:

Your Facebook Page:

The brand you build will become a strong money making feature for you. Your brand creates trust and value for your business.  People will make a mental connection with your business and the words “value“.  They will also look to you as an authority figure and expert in your niche.

When you create a strong brand people will follow you where ever you go, follow all your social sites, buy whatever you have for sale and recommend you to friends.

Even if you decided to wrap your vehicle with your logo and colors and drive down the street people will know it’s you, the blogger they’ve been following online!

This is ideally what you want for your business, to be like a FED-X or UPS or Wholefoods. Meaning be a brand people remember and  trust they can do business with!


How to Start a Blog

# 3  Promote your Blog on Social Media the Right Way

Promoting your blog on social media is another BEST thing you can do to grow your blog.  Social sites can send a lot of traffic to your blog if you are active on them.

Being active means you are engaging your followers with great content, following those that follow you, looking for great people to connect with,  commenting on posts,  sending Happy Birthday wishes, etc.

But when it comes to social media and promoting your blog actively on them, you have to be careful with how you present yourself. Come off looking like you just want to sell something to make money, you get ignored. You want to get noticed and you want people taking the action you need and that is going to your blog .

To do this effectively you must really showcase yourself as an expert and a source of valuable information and not come across like a spammer simply dropping links to your blog.  The quickest way to disconnect followers is to always look as if you are selling something.

There is a right way and a wrong way to promote your blog on social media as we will discuss here so your followers respond the way you want.

Before I get into that though, let me say you don’t have to spread yourself thin trying to be apart of every social network. You do however, want to have a presence, at the very least, on the Top 5:  Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

So let’s discuss how to use social media the right way for promoting your blog. 

The “secret” to getting your social media followers to visit your blog is in how you connect with your followers. Connecting with them in a way that shows you are knowledgeable and a expert will get them paying attention to you.

At the end of they day, you want people to click your links, go to your blog and hopefully buy something. I mean, that’s how you make money, right?

But how do you do that without coming across like a salesperson that’s simply trying to make a buck?

It’s seems only right to put a post on Facebook that says: “Like ABC? I have all kinds of ABC on my site, click here to find out more.” But, this is the wrong approach to take. Posting in a way that clearly says you are trying to make money will reap very little results.

To get people to buy from you, you always want to lead with value. Show them you are knowledgeable and an expert…. you want earn their trust.


Let me demonstrate what I mean.

Example A:

Wrong way to post:

Looking for nail supplies?  I sell all kinds on my site. Click here to buy now:

No one really knows who you are and why they should buy from you, especially if you are new. Posting this way can also come across a bit spammy (those only looking to make money off people while providing no value)  To get people’s attention and get them clicking your link, you have to provide value first.


Let’s Look at a better example here:

Example B

Right way to Post:

I love mermaid nail designs! Take a look at this beautiful mermaid nail art I just did on my client. I have a full tutorial on how I did it here: http://www.XYZ. com/abc

Here you are providing value by showing them how to do a beautiful nail art design. This gets people clicking your link, because they have something to gain. When you get people to click, you have just created a potential buyer.

So now…. you have them clicking your link. What next? How does that make you money?

I’m discussing this next….Take a look at section #4


Start a Money Making Blog


#4 Open an Online Store and attach it to your blog

The best way to make money from your blog is to have something your visitors can buy once they land on it. If you sell custom wigs, body butters, nail art supplies, jewelry, services and other things, you can open a store on places like Esty or Shopify and drive traffic to your store via your blog.

Here’s how the strategy works:

Write a blog post about your product using the tips found in #1 above.  Add a link to your store in your blog post so that your visitors can click the link after reading and potentially buy from your store. (We call this your money post)


Take a Look at This Example Blog Post


Keep in mind this is JUST an example 🙂 . So, here’s  where we apply the tips from #1 Post Great Content and then turn it into a money making blog post.  We have a catchy title that gets attention, great content that gives value, a call to action line and a link to my store.


Start a Beauty Blog

Now let’s combine what we learn in sections #2 and #3 to complete our example .

1.) You Post to Your Social Media Site  and include a link to your blog post with great content : 


2.) Your Followers click the link in your social media post and arrive on your blog here:

 Start a Blog

Make Money Blogging

In this example when the visitor landed on your site by clicking the link in your social media post, they learned how to do a beautiful mermaid nail art design (VALUE). More than likely those that want to create that same look will want to buy everything you used to create that look, so they can duplicate it. They click your link and Boom!…. a sale is made and you made money!

This is whats called Leading with Value. The more you provide value upfront, the more trust you create and give people a reason to buy from you.  When you lead with value, you never have to hard sell anyone.

The key to making this work, however,  is that your blog posts have to be centered around the product you are trying to sell.  A  blog post about candles that links to earrings to purchase will get very little results.  If you post about making candles, for example, link to a product to sell that relates to candles for best results.

Let’s go over adapting this strategy to other social sites like Pinterest, Youtube and Instagram before I discuss the Alternatives……

How to Tweak this Strategy for Pinterest

I want to mention Pinterest because its a tad different in how you “post”. Pinterest is more like a Visual Search Engine than a social site.

If you are new you might wonder how can you adapt this strategy to Pinterest when you don’t actually make a post, but instead you pin pictures.

Keep in mind when it comes to marketing your blog on social media, the strategy we just covered works on all of them.  On Pinterest However, instead of making a social media post you’ll be creating a Picture (Pin) that links to your blog post.  The Goal is the same, get people to click your link , go to your blog and potentially make a purchase.

With that being said, your pins must achieve the same result a great post would in the form of a picture. So your pic’s should be of high quality,  and  must  have text on them that clearly tells a person “What’s In It For Them” if they click your pin and go to your blog.

It’s important to have text on your pictures that entice a person to click your pin if the goal is to get them to your blog . If you just post a picture without text on it more than likely a person will just save your pin because they like the picture, but not take that extra step and go to your blog.

Take a look a this Example:

Which pin clearly helps a person to understand what action you want them to take and why a person should take that action? 

Which pin is more attention grabbing?

(The pictures do not depict mermaid nails, pictures are there for illustrative purposes only)

Pin A

How to Start a Beauty Blog

Pin B

How to start a beauty blog

If you chose Pin A, then you understand what a great pin should look like when you want more people to click and go to your blog.

To sum things  up now, just as with our social media post, when a person clicks your Great Pin, it will direct them to your blog post that gives value and has your store link built into it giving you the opportunity to make money!


You might say how do I get Pins like that for my blog?

I created Pin A with Canva.

I love Canva because you can create some really nice pins that make you look like a super designer.

They have free designs you can do as well as things you can do for $1, or you can join and get access to their whole database of great photos and templates you can use for about $12 and some change per month.

Check out Canva here.  Get on play around with it. That’s how I learned. I’m no artist, but Canva made it easy to make great pins.


Tweaking this Strategy for Youtube

Youtube is another social site you don’t post in the same manner as with sites like Facebook. Instead you post videos.  Adapting this blog promoting strategy is easy.

Keeping with our Mermaid Nail Art example above, You will create a cool video on Youtube of you showing how to do the Mermaid Nail Art. You will then display your blog link periodically throughout your video. At the end of your video, tell your viewers how they can get everything you used to create that look. Tell them to check the description box for the link.

There’s no direct selling at all. Let the value of the information you give do the selling for you. You just be sure to tell them what actions you want them to take: “Click the link in the description box to get everything I used to create this look!”


Tweaking the Strategy for Instagram

Instagram is somewhat like Pinterest where you are posting photo’s. However, with Instagram the key is to have super great looking photo’s that get attention. You can add a little text, (example: Create Beautiful Mermaid Nails)  and you can get away with no text. A Good mix of text and no text on photo’s do well on Instagram.

The only place you can add a link on Instagram is to have it in your bio.

So to make this strategy work on Instagram, you post a great photo of your Mermaid Nail Art with or without text. In the description put something like:  Get the full tutorial and supplies needed to create this look. Link in bio (example).

To Sum things up. When a person clicks the link in your bio it will take them to your blog post where they can get your tutorial and potentially click your store link build into your post and make a purchase.


If it’s not in the budget to have a store like Esty or Shopify you can link your blog to, you can create a page (not a post but a PAGE) on your blog where you have set up e-commerce. This means you are able to accept payments on your blog.

You can easily accept payments from your blog with a Service like PayPal and a plugin called Woocomerce.  With this kind of set up, when visitors click the link in your blog post it will direct to the store you have created on your blog.

And lastly,  if you  do not have a store or anything to sell right now you can also link to an affiliate site that has products on it that will earn you a commission when someone makes a purchase. I will discuss making money with affiliates next.

#5 Become an Affiliate

There are companies that will pay you for advertising a banner or link on your site that directs traffic to their company.  Every time someone from your blog clicks the link and go to the Affiliate site and makes a purchase you get paid.

It’s a great way to start making money blogging without having any products of your own.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of a company, you should first try the product yourself to be sure it’s a good product. You only want to recommend great products you have used and/or tested.

You want to be sure you keep your blog visitors happy and trusting you so they continue to make purchases from your blog. Last thing you want is to sell them a bad product.

Some affiliates sites I like are:

  • CJ– You can search companies to work with
  • Shareasale You can search for companies to work with
  • Amazon – Sell products from amazon on your site
  • AliExpress – Not an affiliate but great for finding products to sell

There are many more affiliate programs out there. If there is a store you like online you can check to see if they have an affiliate program by going to their site, scrolling down to the bottom and look for the “Affiliates” link to apply. 


You can join a beauty company that have independent distributors. It’s a great way to add unique products to your beauty business.


#6 Make Use of Your Sidebar to Promote Products or Services

Your blog has great real estate for additional advertising on your blog. It’s called your sidebar.

In your sidebar you can ad a widget that will allow you to display a banner ad.

You can use your banner ad to promote your store and affiliate sites. Pretty much you sidebar works like a billboard advertising your products no matter where the visitor is on your blog

You can also add a tab to your navigation bar that says “Shop”, “Shop our Store” etc. When visitors of your blog click on it, it will take them to your  store or affiliate site  where they can buy your products.

Example A

Banner Ad in Sidebar

How to Promote a Blog


Example B

Store added to navigation bar

Make Money Blogging


#7 Start an email List

Another best thing you can do is start an email list. When visitors come to your site you’ll want a way to keep in touch with them and be able to send promotional offers after they have long left your site.

Your email list is like money, it’s Golden!

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you are running a beauty promotion where you are selling gift baskets for Mothers Day for $99.  By having a list of emails, you can send an email out to your list letting them know about your promotion.

Let’s say you emailed your list of  200 people regarding your promotion and only 13 people responded and took you up on your offer….that’s $1287 ($99×13) you just made for an email that took a few minutes to send.

This is really the secret sauce to a lot of bloggers income. The bigger the list grows. The more money that can be made.

You can use a service like ConvertKit to start your email list. If you are not ready to invest in a paid service, Mailchimp is free up to the first 2000 email subscribers you get. It’s a great way to get started on a budget.

Make money blogging

#8 Google Adsense

Google has a program where you can place ads on your site from them. Anytime someone clicks on an ad while on your site, you get paid.

Of course those clicking the ads can’t be you, friends or family members. Be sure to read their terms and conditions if you are interested. You have to sign up and get approved.

Get more information at: Google Adsense 

There are other sites that offer the same kind service, however the best ones usually require you have a certain number of visitors to your site before they will approve you.

A good one to look once you get going is MediaVine

#9 Learn SEO

If you really want to do well as a blogger you should learn SEO. SEO is search engine optimization. By learning SEO you’ll understand how to use keywords on your Blog to create posts that will rank well in search engines like Google.

When people are typing in Googles search bar phrases like: Eye brow tutorial or Christmas nail art design ideas you want your blog to come up in search results. This is what’s called organic traffic.  It’s Traffic that comes from people searching on Bing, Yahoo, Google etc.

SEO helps you get in front of your target audience and can send a lot of traffic to your blog.

When you learn SEO, you’ll understand how to use it every where you promote your blog, including on social media for the best possible results in getting people to your blog!

#10 Accept appointments online

Are you a nail tech or cosmetologist or in any field where you provide a service?  If you are displaying your work on your blog and on social media, people will seek you out to do business with. Have a way for prospects to make an appointment online.

#11 Look for ways to be different

You don’t want your blog to be the typical beauty blog. Create ways to make your blog exciting by diversifying your blog posts. Beauty is wide open.

You could talk about weight loss, anti-aging, how to make hair, skin and nails gorgeous, living healthy, great looks for plus size women, etc. It doesn’t just have to be about nails, clothes and makeup on your blog. If it can make you beautiful you want to create great content about it!

#12 Create Courses

Are you really good at something and wish you could create a course. Teachable allows you to do just that. It’s a great way to share your knowledge and expertise and make money from it.

If you are really good at something, and I mean great,  making $97 and up for a course you create is realistic.

The best part is, the courses you create become your very own product that you can sell for the price you choose.

Sell from your blog and promote your course on social media.

#12 Be Yourself

The most important thing to do when blogging is be yourself.  Let your blog have a personality and show how passionate you are about wanting to provide great content.

Do not come across too commercial like. Don’t worry about having your grammer at 100%. It’s ok to be funny, to post a photo of you and your children. This makes people connect with you and know there’s a real person behind the blog.

People don’t follow businesses, they follow people. The more you show you are a real person the better you’ll connect with your followers and the longer they will stick with you.


How to Start a Profitable Blog


#13 Continue Education

To really be successful as a blogger. You have to become a student to the business of blogging. Learn all you can about blogging.

I’m going to give you some really cool resources to sharpen your Blogging skills with things like:

  •  WordPress 
  • Marketing on Social Media 
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Plugins
  • Monetizing your blog
  • and a Whole lot more


Check out these great resources for Bloggers. They offer great courses that will help you tremendously.


SkillShare  – All kinds of courses for Bloggers

iThemes   –    One stop shop for WordPress  Training , Themes, Plugins.

Youtube –  Of course, All kinds of help.



You now have an understanding of how to start a blog and what it takes to make money with it. I hope I have delivered the value here I set out to give.

Your blog can make a realistic $1000-$5000+ per month with hard work and consistency. The key is to be patient, consistent and persistent.

Blogging to make money is about fine tuning and tweaking until you get the desired results. There is so much more to learn. I’ve given you the basics of how it all works and how you can start making money.

Sadly, Most people that start a blog give up and never reach their desired income goals or dreams of being a full-time blogger. They come into blogging thinking it’s an overnight success.

Blogging is not a get rich quick business. It’s a business however, that you can grow to be very profitable if you are willing to put in the time and effort and stick with it.

Good Luck to You and Your Blogging Ventures!


How to Start a Profitable Beauty Blog