Making Money with Nail Art Designs

Make Money as a Nail Technician

Making Money with Nail Art Designs

When it comes to making money as a nail technician, marketing will always be at the top of the list. Its marketing that will get you in front of the masses and attract a ton clients to you.

In this post we are going to talk about the next best thing you can do for your business and that’s expanding your “nail art product line”.

If your goal is to make money in the beauty industry you will want to look at the nail services you offer.

  • Are you offering your clients the best?
  • Are you educated in the latest nail art designs, applications and industry standards?
  • Are you consistently improving your skills as a nail tech?

It’s easy to get comfortable in what you have been doing for the last few years. Some years ago you could get away with being comfortable, but today the internet brings your “competition” straight to your clients.  Social Sites like Instagram and  Facebook are delivering the latest and greatest nail art from nail technicians around the world that your clients get to “like” and “share” with others.

Let me help you understand what I mean.

Here’s a “basic” flower nail art design that was done recently.  If this is the only level of nail art a tech can do, then that tech may find that while he/she was booming with business  at one point things may getting slow or worse business is not growing.  Why?


1. Because clients are seeing flowers that look like this on Social Media:

(Source: Instagram @Professionalnailss)

2. And they are seeing nail art like this: 

(Source: Instagram @glamour_chic_beauty)

This means if you are not upgrading your skills your business may have a hard time surviving.

While clients may love their nail tech,  clients  wish  their nail tech could do more and may consider at some point going somewhere else just to get a particular look.

The reality of not honing in on your craft

Clients  more often than not, will seek out someone that can give them that new trendy look if their nail tech can’t.

Here’s the kicker and irony to all this:  While you where charging $25 for a full set and charging $5 extra for a flower nail art design, they will pay another nail tech $65-$125 for a full set to give  them the look they saw online.

Whats worse is all the while a nail tech was thinking that their  low prices was making clients happy and loyal, that one client the nail tech thought would never pay more than $25,  went somewhere else and got their nails done for $75.

The more you know how to do and the better you are,  the more clients respect your pricing. You can demand your price.

Just like purse lovers want to have the latest and greatest purse, nails are becoming the same way. If you can provide that value and expertise clients will pay for that. Even more, they will keep coming back because you know how to do all the latest and greatest nail art designs and they will start to refer others.

3D Bling Crystal

Take it to The Next Level to Make More Money

As we have discussed, taking your nail art to the next level means you can charge more. Offering upgrades on things like Swarovski crystals,  jewels, stamps, foils, cable knit and mermaid designs for instance can add more money to your service. These  types of designs will definitely render more than $5 extra!

This by no means is to say that you have to be skilled at the most elaborate kinds nail art. What it does mean is that you should find whats trending and decide what new looks you can honestly do. Then practice to become proficient at them. When you have a particular style down, creating variations that’s totally created by you becomes easy.

There are many ways to recreate the latest nail trends even if you are not the best artist. Using pre-made rhinestone clusters and 3D nail art will make you a super star!

You have the power to make more money in your nail business starting today.

Upgrade your skills , practice your art,  take classes,  stay up to date with industry news and learn how to market your nail business. Become the go-to in demand nail artist!

This is the recipe for success.

These are all strategies of highly successful nail technicians.

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