How to Start a Beauty Blog That Makes Money Pt 1

How to Start a Beauty Blog that Makes Money

Disclosure: Hey guys, this guide contains affiliate links and I will make a commission if you sign up with companies I recommend. I only promote quality products that benefit my readers and those I have used and experienced myself. Feel free to use any services you like. You can read my full disclosure here.


So you have been thinking about starting a beauty blog?

In this guide I’m going to show you how to start a beauty blog that can make $1000-$5000+ per month.

Let me warn you….This is a loaded actionable guide. When you are done you will have a fully functional blog you can use to start making money.

But first, is blogging right for you? 

If you want to share your knowledge with the world on various beauty topics while making it a money making business then starting a blog is right for you.

Becoming a beauty blogger can be fun and rewarding and this guide will walk you through setting up a WordPress blog and show you how to make money with your blog.

I have divided this guide into 3 separate parts.

Part 1. Setting up your domain name and Hosting

Part 2. Customizing your blog and posting your first blog post

Part 3. How to Start Making Money with Your Blog


Start a Money Making Blog


What You Need to Start Your Blog: 


  1. At least $100 to start
  2. A Domain Name
  3. A Hosting Account


There are also 3 steps every blogger takes to get started once you know what niche you want to have a blog in:

  1. Figure out what you want the name of your blog to be  ( domain name)
  2. Make it official by purchasing a domain name and hosting for your blog from a place like Bluehost
  3. Start customizing your blog (adding colors, banners, pictures, videos, etc) and writing posts.


In case you are unfamiliar with the terminology, Your domain name is your web address (www .yoursite. com). Hosting is the server your blog lives on.

In this guide I’ll be recommending Bluehost for starting your blog because they are easy for new bloggers to get started with. They’re a solid company used by top bloggers servicing over 800K blogs in the USA. Bluehost makes the process smooth and eliminate a few confusing steps in setting up a blog for the first time.

Also, you get a free domain and really great pricing, Bonus!

If you follow this guide for setting up your blog and use Bluehost, you’ll get an incredible price of  $3.95 per month (paid upfront) when you get the 36 month plan. With a 12 month plan your price would be $5.45 per month.

If you are on a budget, I’ll show you how to get the best price possible to get your blog up and running. Either way you choose to go, you get the free domain and a great deal.

Even more….after you have set up your blog, I’m going to show you how you can get your blog making money


Ready Set Go!!


How to be a beauty blogger


Part 1

For best results read through the entire guide to familiarize yourself with the steps. Then double back and get started. 


Setting up your Domain name and Hosting account 

How to Start a BlogBefore we start setting up your blog. Take a moment to think of a domain name. Make it relate to what you do but also allow room for you to grow your blog.

For instance if you do hair, calling your blog MarysHairStyles. com might not work if later you get into makeup, fashion, beauty tips, etc.

A better name might be, ” BeCreativeBeauty. com” or “HairandBeautyBox. com” (for example). A name like this will allow you to broaden your horizons in all things beauty!

Try to get a .com or .net or .org for your domain name. These seem to have the strongest appeal in the online world.

If you get the .com version of your domain name, later you might want to own all versions of your domain name. So that you own the .net and .org versions of your domain name too.

This just keeps someone else from being able to own those. Don’t worry about this however, it’s not necessary. Just something you might want to consider.


You’ll want to see if your selected name is also available on social sites you think you might like to promote your blog on. (I go over this in part 3)

For example if your blogs domain name and Name will be:

www. Beauty and a cup of

You’ll want to try to get these names on social media:

  • www .Facebook. com/Beautyandacupoftea
  • www .Pinterest. com/Beautyandacupoftea

If you can’t get your social sites to match your blog/domain name. Then go for something close:

  • www .Pinterest. com/BeautyandTea


You can use a site like Knowem to find out if your  selected name is available for use on social sites quickly.


Ok now let’s set up your domain name:

Step 1. 

Sign up with Bluehost by clicking here: Start My Blog on Bluehost.

When you’re on Bluehost  >clickget started now

How to Start a Beauty Blog


 Step 2. 

Choose a Plan.

Select the Basic service if you only plan on doing 1 website. If you plan on creating more websites later, you can choose the Plus or Prime service. For now we will go with the basic service. (You can always change plans later too.)

Start a Blog


Step 3.

Get a Domain Name.

Enter the domain name you thought of and would like to use under  “new domain“.  If it is not available for use, Bluehost will let you know and you will need to choose another name before moving to the next step.

If you already have a domain name you would like to use enter it under “I have a domain name”.

Bluehost hosting and domain names


Step 4.

Create Your Account.

Fill out the form with all your details.

Bluehost website hosting


Scroll down to package information.

You will notice that it defaults to 36 months for the $3.95 per month price. Price is cheaper the longer the plan.  If you can afford it, 36 months is the way to go. However, if this isn’t in the budget, just click the drop down box and change to 12 months. Uncheck all the other add-on services.  (This will lower upfront price a great deal)

The domain privacy protection might be one you want to keep. It’s $.99 per month. This keeps your name and address private and not listed publicly as the owner of the website. This is best for keeping spammers from contacting you and overall protection from the internet trolls.


Setting up a beauty blog with bluehost


Your selections should look like this after making changes. Notice the price change:


Starting a Beauty Blog


Next ….

Enter your credit card information, check the Bluehost terms of service box and click submit.


Starting a beauty blog with Bluehost



You will now be prompted to create your password for your Bluehost account.

>Click Create your password


How to Start a Beauty Blog



>Enter your password

>Check the Terms of Service

>Click Next


Start a Blog that Makes Money



When Done Creating your password you will arrive at the Congratulations Page.

>Click Log in

Starting a Blog on Bluehost


At this point WordPress will be installed for you, making it really easy for beginners!

Bluehost will email you, your login credentials also. 

Next move on to installing your theme.


Step 5. 

Install a Theme.

Once you have logged in to your Bluehost account. You will come to the Pick a Theme Page.

>Choose a Free Theme for Now, bly clicking on the theme of your liking.

Later you can install a Premium WordPress theme. More on this in Part 2 of this Blogging Guide.


Start a Beauty Blog that Makes Money



You will Arrive at the All Done Page.

>Click Start Building


How to Make Money with a Blog



You will arrive at the WordPress Backoffice / Welcome Page.

You’ll be asked what kind of blog you will set up and if you want help.

>Click Business

If you need help you can choose Help.


Start a Blog that Makes Money



You will arrive at your WordPress Dashboard. Give yourself a HIGH-FIVE because you have just set up your blog!


How to Start a Beauty Blog


Step 6.

Now that you have read through the steps you are ready to set up your blog.  

>Click Here to go to  Bluehost  and Start Your New Blog!

Come Back and Move on to Part 2.

Bluehost has a Chat Feature, If you get stuck at any time use the Chat to get the help you need.

In Part 2  We will go over Customizing Your Blog!


Click Here to Go Part 2


How to Start a Blog that Makes Money