How Do I Become A Super Fast Nail Technician

Be a Faster Nail Technician

How to Become a Super Fast Nail Tech

Can it be done? Yes it can.

To become a super fast nail tech you must PRACTICE at becoming faster without sacrificing quality.

It’s all about how you are thinking about becoming fast.

Becoming a fast nail tech doesn’t mean you can do a full set with nail art in 15 minutes. It means you are working at a good pace where you can make good money. It also means, you understand customers really do like to be “in and out” and not having sit 2-3 hours for you to do their nails.

Your goal in becoming faster should be; How can I get my clients in and out, provide good quality, give a great experience and ensure I keep to my schedule.

Becoming Faster Without Sacrificing Quality

When you hone in on your craft and you practice, you become proficient. It’s this proficiency that makes you “faster”.

Practicing to be proficient doesn’t mean you do it once a week. People who are successful and exceptional at what they do spend many hours practicing per week. They don’t allow for disturbance during practice. They get into a zone and they shut out all distractions. Practicing is a business within itself that is taken seriously.

Practicing to be proficient is also about practicing every area of doing nails. It’s about laying acrylic, using different tools to find out which gives the best results,  finding out what works and what doesn’t to help you become faster, and knowing exactly how you will set up your nail station so your flow is smooth.

This is what makes you fast without sacrificing quality. When you do something over and over again, you naturally become faster because you know what you are doing. It’s like the saying “I can do it with my eyes closed”. That’s the level you want to be at.

Here are some tips to help you become a faster Nail Tech:

  • Use good quality products- If the products you use are taking a long time to dry or doesn’t do what you need them to do. You will find yourself spending time trying to correct applications.
  • Short Cut- Doing nail art that require a lot time? There are a lot of pre-made stone clusters and 3D nail art already made that you can purchase or do ahead of time, thus saving you a lot of time.
  • Check your technique when laying acrylic- Is it the best? Are you having to buff and file extensively to get it smooth. Not laying acrylic correctly can add time to your service. Take time to learn (practice) how to lay acrylic so that it comes out right the first time.
  • Check your nail station- Is it set up and organized so that you can get to everything? A cluttered nail station means you are spending time looking for what you need. Organize your station so that you can work efficiently.
  • Are you talking too much?- Are you chatting with other nail techs and your client while doing a service. It’s ok to talk, but do it smart. Excessive talking could slow you down.  When you talk, sometimes, you need to make hand jesters and look up. All this ads to your time. Focus on your work by minimizing looking up when you are talking. Be mindful of the time.
  • Study, Research & Practice-The beauty industry changes, from products to application. Find out if you are using the best tools and application techniques. Talk to other nail techs about what works for them. (Youtube is a world of help). Practice makes perfect. The more you put into practicing the better and faster you will become.
  • Establish policies – Late clients set you back and cause you to run over time and into some one else’s time slot. Set the expectations up front so clients know how you work. For instance if a client is more than ___minutes late you may need to reschedule them for a different time or day due to having another client behind them and/or being booked up. When clients understand that they won’t be seen when late, your policy is motivation for them to show up early. Sometimes clients like to throw last minute ideas at you, knowing this, explain to your client before you start that they will need to be sure of what they want. If they request something that may take more time at the end, you won’t be able to do it, if you have a client behind them. Letting the customer know upfront can help you save a lot of time and keep you on track. Policies help ensure everyone gets a great experience.
  • Start making appointments – Walk-ins can have their ups and downs. They can also make for a very stressful and hectic day as everyone sporadically walks in at any time. Making appointments with clients helps you pre-plan and schedule clients appropriately. This is especially helpful if you do more than nails. You may have a client that is getting nails, pedicure and brows. It’s tough when are in the middle of their service and another client walks in. Re-booking and pre-booking clients helps you to manage your time alot better so you don’t feel rushed.

Being a New Nail Tech

If you are a new nail tech all these tips will help you too. Becoming faster comes with time and with again, practice.

Making the Most Money

Keep in mind that you need to make so many dollars per hour to make good money.  So it’s in your best interest to find areas that you can realistically improve that can speed up your time.

Sometimes it’s not all about pumping out a gazillion clients. You can add more money to your service simply by making a regular service a signature service. A regular pedicure can instantly become a milk and honey pedicure which can be $20 more.

Offering embellishments on nail art can ad more money as well as up selling hand lotion or nail polish.

Things like this don’t ad time but ad more money.  Think of ways you can get the client to spend more while providing them value.

Think about it  like this; $50 per hour at 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, is approximately 100k per year. The more you realize the value of an hour, the more you should be motivated to get the most out of it.

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