Getting Clients to Come Back – Creating Ambiance

When it comes to getting clients to come back the best thing you can do is ensure everyone has a great experience when they come to see you. There is nothing like walking into a nail salon that is unorganized and “junky” and makes you just want to leave.

To keep clients coming back, one of the best things you can do is create an ambiance that is inviting and represents your image.

Getting Clients to Come Back – Create Ambiance

Make time to take a look at your work space. What can you do differently to make your space more inviting and not a place people want to get away from? Sometimes simple changes such as adding flowers or greenery will give your space a new look. Tossing out any unnecessary clutter will open up your space. Take a look at at your nail station is it as comfortable as it can be? What is the space like around your work station? Is there any music playing? If so, what kind?

Think about how your clients would like to feel. Or better yet… what would you like if you were going to get your nails done at a nail salon or beauty salon? For example, Some folks enjoy a spa- like setting with spa-like treatment. So your ambiance should represent beauty, well being, calmness, relaxation and freshness! In this example, not only do you give your clients beautiful finger nails, but you give them a chance to relax and unwind, something they can look forward to the next visit.


Sometimes creating the perfect space may mean making a little investment in your business. But honestly this is something you should want to do. Making an investment today means, investing in you making more money down the road.

If you are tight on funds, try the dollar store or Wallmart.  You be surprise what kind of things you can find to make your space nice.

For things like furniture, sometimes that means instead of going out to eat everyday for lunch, you’ll pack a lunch for the next 3 months so you can put more money into buying things for your business. My point is, don’t look for reasons you can’t do it. Find every reason you can.

You are working toward your business and your future. You get out of it what you put in. Ok?

In Conclusion

Be creative with your space…  You know your clients better than I do…. what you see as a good fit for your clients will work. They key is to “touch there souls” with an atmosphere that is inviting and pleasing. Make them look forward to coming to see you… and they will..heck they will even tell a few friends!

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