Creating Happy Clients that Keep Coming Back

Get clients to come back

Some times beauty techs forget about the client experience. They can assume that every client will enjoy themselves when they come in.

If you been in the service business for some time, you understand that even when you bend over backwards to please some customers and clients it can still never be enough. There will be a select few who will be hard to please.

The client experience is what gets clients coming back. No one will return if they feel the service isn’t good or they didn’t get the look they were hoping for.

While it’s really impossible to please everyone, you want to at least take the steps necessary to ensure you have done your job in understanding what the clients expectations are and making sure you and the client agree on the service that will be done.

You know it only takes 1 client to let the world know about their bad experience. And with social media & camera phones it’s so easy to have your services put in a not so good light, even when you thought you did your best.

There’s nothing like doing someone’s nails or other beauty service and the client isn’t smiling when you are done. They kindly pay you then walk out the door to never be seen again. Worse off, they may ask for a free re-do at their next visit, or a refund.

Creating the Best Experience for Your Client

Understanding your clients needs can help you better understand how to service your clients and give them a great experience when they come in to see you.

Relating to your clients needs means asking questions and  listening to your client in such a way that shows you are understanding what they are looking for during their visit with you.

It can also mean probing a little more into what they are saying to make sure you are clear on what they want.

Sometimes it’s easy to get into the “one size fits all”  type service for all your clients. However, everyone has different styles and personalities. Your job is to make sure what you give them fits them.

By understanding your clients needs you are actively working to make sure everyone has a great experience. This is a great way to keep clients coming back and lessening the chances of anyone have a bad experience.

To give the best client experience you will need to understand each client as an individual.


Get clients to come back


1. Ask Questions & Listen Carefully

This is where you showcase your expertise and be the professional you were trained to be. This step will set you apart from most beauty techs and let the client know you are about making your clients happy.

Before starting your client service ask questions that will tell you why they have come to see you. Ask questions that will tell you exactly what they want, what their concern are, what they don’t like etc. You could also ask about the kind of work they do, if they have diabetes or any allergies. This little piece of medical information will be important such as when doing a manicure.

Listen carefully and offer advice as needed. Your client will give you a lot of information if you phrase your questions so they have to give you details and not just a “one word” answer.

Do not proceed with your service until all questions are answered and you a positively sure what your client want.

2. Make Sure You and Your Client Agree

This is a Must. Make sure you have an understanding of what the client wants, make sure you and your client agree on the service you will provide. This is a vital step in assuring your customer will be happy with the outcome.

One example of getting to an agreement is by showing your client how you will do their arch for example, if doing brows and asking if they are ok with it.  If they do not approve, they can simply show you what they want.

This may seem obvious to some, but believe it or not a lot of beauty techs just go for it, using  the one size fits all approach.

Keep Good Records

Another good practice is keeping good records of what you do with each client. Chart colors they like & dislike, lash styles, favorite shape nails, products they’ve purchased from you etc. Also note products, services and colors you use on them too. Keeping this information will ensure that every time your client comes in to see you, you know exactly what is going on with them. When you have several clients it will be hard to keep up with each ones beauty needs. These records can help protect you and your client from a bad experience.

Follow Up

Following up with your clients is always a good practice to make sure they are completely satisfied and their needs have been fully met. This shows you are truly concerned and looking out for their best interest. This can be an email or better yet a phone call. Following up also helps you stay connected with your clients, which creates client loyalty. Clients will appreciate the time you to took to make sure they enjoyed their visit with you. So follow up as necessary.

When clients feel and see you are truly helping them, they will pay whatever price you charge, they will follow you wherever you go. Create value in the service you offer by knowing how to relate to your clients needs and delivering the service they came to you or your salon for.

Clients that feel you understand exactly what they want keep coming back to you. Which all means more profits and repeat business for you!

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