Charge What You are Worth and Don’t Apologize for it

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Charge What You are Worth

Let me ask you a question?

Do you honestly feel like you are making the best income doing nails?  Are you struggling to pay the bills but working long hours?

If you answered yes to these questions there’s is a good chance you are not charging enough for your services.

If  you  have been charging the same price for a while it may be time to re-evaluate your pricing. You must grow with the times. As the cost of living, products, and education goes up you must be able to go up with it.

What we are talking about here is raising your prices and charging what you are worth…

Being a nail technician is a skilled profession not everyone can do. Not anyone can become a nail technician and artist. To be considered a professional you must obtain a license which comes with training and schooling.

Having you as a nail tech means that clients have access to knowledge, an expert, and someone one who is taking on the responsibility of learning all the latest beauty trends so that they can get the services they want… because they can’t do it themselves.

All that comes at a cost. You are of  high value. If clients want their own personal beauty expert to do all the things they can’t, they have to pay a professional to do it.  Professionals charge what they are worth.

Until you yourself recognize the validity of what you do and start taking it serious no one else will.

When you raise your prices you can: 

  • Afford the best products
  • Afford additional training that will result in more quality services for your clients
  • Invest in your business on things like furniture, state of the art equipment etc
  • Afford additional nail art supplies that will enhance your services
  • Afford to pay yourself a nice salary after all expenses are paid

Raising your prices helps to grow your business and deliver the best to your clients. When your prices are cheap you are not doing yourself or clients any good.

Cheap prices can also hurt you in the long wrong. It may mean you will attract more people that want to pay lower pricing. Which will in turn make it hard for you to grow your business. You will always feel the need to keep prices low to accommodate your client base.

Fear of losing clients…..

At times nail techs are afraid to raise prices for fear of losing clients. I’m here to tell you don’t let clients be your reason you continue to struggle.  For the most part, you’d be surprised that your best clients will understand and pay you what you are worth because they know you deserve it. Most of them wonder why you DON’T charge more.

Then you’ll have clients who will not want to pay higher prices and that’s ok. You may lose a few clients but you will make up that loss as you attract new customers paying your new price.

What it means to raise your price

Raising your price, means you will start to attract a different kind of client base. You will attract those that don’t mind paying higher prices for your great work. Just as long as you can deliver, clients don’t mind paying.

I need to stress, raising your price isn’t just something you do. You have to show clients why it’s worth paying the higher prices. Be sure to offer great customer service and give them more than what they expect. There are many things you can add to your service that won’t take up a lot of time but will make your service worth every penny.

Things like offering:

  •  A cool drink
  • 5 minute hand or foot massage with a manicure or pedicure
  • The latest and greatest in nail art designs and enhancements
  • Hot towel wraps
  • Paraffin Treatments
  • Spa Treatments
  • A one stop shop for other services like lashes, brows and lip waxing

Raising your prices also means you are very professional. You are on time, dressed appropriately and keeping the ambiance one that is clutter free, clean , and inviting.

If you are not willing to upgrade your services, clients will not see the value in paying higher prices. You have to show clients what they are paying for.

Clients will always look to see what you are doing to improve your business now that you are asking for more money. So be sure to give them much value and they will happily pay you.

Stand Behind Your Prices and Don’t Apologize for it. 

When clients ask why you have changed your price, never ever feel you have to explain, apologize or negotiate. But do let them know that the price change will ensure that you can stay up to date with industry standards and  that they are getting the best up-to-date products and services.

The more confident and serious you are about what you do, the better you feel about raising your prices.

You must value yourself, the work you do and all the practicing, research and continued education you do to be the best. You must be confident that you are putting everything you have into your business to deliver the best possible service to your clients.

You must have a vision and a plan of where you want to take your business. So that when you raise your price you feel great about it, you are firm on it, and you stand behind it.

Raising your price and not putting forth an effort to make your business better will make you less confident and you will feel unsure about the price you charge. When potential clients ask you how much you charge you might not feel good about telling them your higher price. Worse, you might let them talk you down, putting you back in the same boat you are trying to get out of.

3D Bling Crystal


Give Your Self an Instant Income Boost

You will feel an instant relief the moment you implement your new pricing structure and clients start to pay.  You will instantly feel the presence of more money to do things with. You will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

If you want to earn more money, raise your price so that you can do more for yourself and your business. Trust me, after you do a few upgrades that you haven’t been able to do because of lack of money, you’ll see that it was the best move you could have done for yourself and your business.

After all, while you love doing nails, the end goal is to make good money doing it. Do not sell your professional services cheap. Treat your business like a business and everyone else will too.

It’s time you charge what you are worth. Get started.

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