Want to be a Successful Nail Tech? Avoid Doing This Now

Listen up Nail Technicians if you want to be successful and profitable you’ll want to read this.

I went by a few nail salons and beauty salons… Some nail tech‘s were busy… Some not. I went into one shop and there were 2 nail techs, both watching tv  while they wait for customers to come in.

Hmmmm… I say , this would be a great time for those 2, to brainstorm on how to get clients. These 2 nail tech’s obviously do not know how much money they are losing watching TV and what it could mean to the future of their business.

Nail Technician Marketing

This is what I got from my observation of the different Nail Shops

The busy nail shops had a great atmosphere, very clean , provided a little more than the usual manicure , pedicure.  The chairs were filled.   They were doing hand scrubs, foot scrubs and wrapping hands and feet in hot towels and great services like that.

They were also doing eyebrow arching and lip waxing. There were nail products and makeup for sale. At the front desk were brochures on their services and a few 1st time visit coupons at the front desk to take or use that day. They were really like a place to come to be pampered and relax. Really enticing!

The nail shops less busy had an atmosphere that was dull and lifeless and just your usual client in and out set up. Fairly clean , but probably could have been a lot better. Usually, not clean or fairly clean is an indication of how well they sanitize nail tools and tubs to a potential client. This might not be the case, but just gives an impression as such.

This can make people not want to come back or not come in at all. First impression is very important. The service was nothing special. Just a typical manicure. No hand scrub, no hot towel wrap. Nothing that said choose us for your nail care professional  and don’t go anywhere else!

Busy salons obviously know what they need to do to keep clients coming back and attracting new clients.


Not busy? Work on Generating More Clients

If you are not busy as you like… Then there may be a few things you need to change about how you are managing your down time and the few customers you are seeing.  For instance, Between clients instead of watching  TV or reading a magazine, why not call on past customers and entice them to come back in with special offers, new products or new services?

Why not have high school kids passing out your flyer’s in the neighborhood? Why not get up go outside and make it a point to talk to at least 3-5 new folks about nail care between clients? Why not come up with creative ways to generate business? or How about visiting other salons and see how your salon or service measures up. Are you following me here?


Time is Money

My point here is to maximize your time by doing things that will generate business when you are not busy or not on a lunch break. Sitting idle, waiting on clients to come through the door can have a negative effect on a business.

Every day you can help your business to grow by devoting time to it. The more you put into it, the more results you will see from your efforts.

Working on a new nail design and acrylic application is good too, but if you don’t have many clients to service no one will see your great designs and application… you won’t make a lot of money from your efforts either. So make time for both.