Are You Ready for Booth Rental or Working From Home?

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Are you ready to step out on your own and be your own boss?

Perhaps you have been working for a salon as a on commission/per hour nail technician, but now are ready to rent a booth or work from home and start your own nail business.

It’s always great to have your own business as you can remove the cap on your earnings, have flexible work hours, and really get creative in how YOU want to run your business. If  you are thinking along these lines, then you no doubt want to take control of your future and create a life where you can be financially free.

The whole idea behind this blog is to ensure nail techs are successful running their own beauty business and making a lot of money doing it. Which is why I decided to write this article. It can be tough just stepping out there with no understanding of how it all really works.

While starting your own business is a great move, there are things you need to understand before taking the big leap so that you can have the best experience possible in starting your new venture.  Let’s go over that now.

Nail Technician Advice

Understanding if You are Ready for Booth Rental or working from home

Here are some things to consider before stepping out on your own.

Running your own nail business either from home or at a salon renting space means:

  • You are no longer an employee
  • You are responsible for getting your own clientele.
  •  You are not entitled to the foot traffic coming through the salon doors at which you are renting a booth.
  • You are responsible for all of your own supplies.
  • You are not entitled to any of the salon’s supplies where you are renting
  • You are responsible for your own calls and customer service.
  • You are not entitled to utilize the salon front desk and staff as your own.

What does this all mean?

If you work from home and are wondering how to get clients, feeling unsure about the steps you need to take make your business grow, working long hours and still not making enough money for bills then you haven’t properly planned out how you were going run your business.  You do not have the salon to lean on anymore, so you have to educate yourself on how to run a business.

If you rent a booth and still expect that you are entitled to the salon’s clients, walk-ins, supplies and staff  that means you haven’t left the mindset of being an employee. You will have a hard time surviving. Even more, you may not sit well with the salon owner you are renting from, as they consider you an independent contractor and not responsible for anything concerning your business.

I mention this because some nail techs (booth renters)  have been known to feel they should be in rotation with the salon employees for walk-ins. The truth is those walk-ins belong to the salon and a booth renter is not entitled to those.

On occasions some nail techs renting a booth at a salon would help themselves to the salons inventory when they ran low on supplies. Here again, as a booth renter you are not entitled to that. All supplies belong to the salon and not the booth renter.

If you do not have a full grasp of what it means to work for yourself, renting a booth or working from home may not be the right move just yet.

You should not start your own business right now if:  

  • You do not understand how to get and keep clients
  • You have no clients
  • You can not afford to pay for your supplies
  • You can not afford the rent
  • You have no understanding of customer service
  • You do not know how to market your business
  • You have no idea how much it will take for you run and live comfortably working on your own
  • You are trying to live off what the Salon is doing to get clients and make money
  • You have no business plan and haven’t educated yourself on running a salon

If you have a client base that will follow you where ever you go, you will have at least a good starting point. However, this may or may not be enough to succeed on your own.

For example, when you are an employee, a lot of  products are made available to you and perhaps they were of good quality. If your clients have gotten used to that and you start using cheaper products to help you offset your costs of operating your business, your clients will see that.  If clients where used to certain amenities the salon you worked for offered and now you don’t offer those because you are on your own, you clients may start to fall off.

Then too when it comes to clients following you, you may get some heat from the salon you are leaving if they have some type none compete agreement with you. There are ways around this, but it still means if all else fails and you do not walk away with enough clients you will have to know how to attract more clients to you.

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Unlock the Key to Success
Making Booth Rental & Working From Home Work For You

My advice to you is learn everything you can before you make the big leap. Don’t go into booth rental or working from home because you are frustrated or unhappy with your current situation. Go into booth rental because you are fully prepared and have done all your business planning.

Use the time you have working where you are to learn everything about running and marketing a business, and to practice your nail and nail art applications so that you can be not only good but exceptional at what you do. This will be very help in attracting clients and pricing your services at a level where you can afford all you need and make a good profit too.

Start to put money to the side to fund your venture. Look for equipment you will need and purchase as you can so that when the time does come you are ready. There’s nothing wrong with starting the process early.

When you understand how you will grow your business and keep an endless flow of clients coming to see you. You will be ready to go on your own. You will be a confident business owner not only ready for the world, but one that will dominate it.

None of this is meant to discourage you, it’s meant to help you have the very best experience so that you go in fully knowledgeable of all that is required.

If you don’t plan, you are essentially planning to fail. That’s business 101.

If you are ready for booth rental or even working form home I suggest you jump in on The Nail Technician Marketing Boot Camp.  It will be an eye opener and it will show you how you can be your own boss making up to 6 figures if that’s what you want to do.

Bookmark this site and check back often for more nail technician advice and tips to grow your beauty business.

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