8 Easy Marketing Strategies For Nail Technicians

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8 Easy Marketing Tips and Strategies for Nail Tech’s

Sometimes a nail technicians day can drag by with only a few clients coming in and sometimes these days can come more than they like. As a Nail Technician there are things you can start doing daily that will make your day and the days ahead more productive and help put more money in your pocket.

Take a read here and start to implement these easy and cost free marketing strategies to help you make more money:

Marketing tip #1. Up-sell – Offer every client you see a product or service that goes great with the service you just gave them. If your client got a manicure offer a mini pedicure or hand lotion.  Whatever you offer should not take up much time. Making additional services “mini’s” is a great way to cut the time down and still offer the client a value add-on they will love.

You be surprise how many nail techs never up-sell clients. This is the quickest way to make more from every client coming in.

Marketing Tip #2. Ask for referrals – If your client enjoyed their visit with you, let them know you are looking for more great clients and would love if they would bring a friend that likes to get their nails done. Give you’re a client a referral card that offers offers ___% off services to give to their friend to use when they come in. Let your client know when their referral comes in with that card, you’ll give them __________ just to say Thank you!

Asking for referrals and an easy low cost way of getting new clients fast.

Marketing tip #3. Re book – Before your client leaves, book the next appointment.  This is a great way to keep your books filled and keeping clients coming in regularly like clock work. Don’t wonder when they will come back, take control and and you will keep your money coming in consistently.

Marketing tip #4. Call your clients to confirm appointments. Calling ahead of time is probably the best way to reduce no-shows. It also gives you an opportunity, sometimes, to fill that slot if your client can not make it, keeping your cash flow on track.

Marketing tip #5.Track your clients –   Make note of their purchases, what colors they like, and what products you used on them…etc Also, Get their email address, phone number and social sites they are on as a way to keep in touch with them.

Having this information will be useful when you are running promotions. If you are running a manicure promotion, for example, you can use your data to see all clients that like manicures and send the promotion to them via email, direct mail, text message or a phone call. This makes your promotions more successful when you can reach and target customers you know will be interested in what you are promoting.

Keeping records also keeps you informed about what’s going on with each client to ensure they get a great experience every time they come to see you.

Marketing tip #6. Create Customer Loyalty – Keep in contact with clients. Use your Facebook or Twitter Account to “mingle” with them. Give beauty tips and be a great source of information. You can also use Twitter and Facebook to send Birthday wishes to your great clients.

You can also send a Thank you card to a new client that has come for the first time. Include a coupon or voucher for $5 off their next Service (for example). Utilize the Power of “Thank you” to get that customer to come back and turn them into a life long client.

Marketing tip #7. Get serious about your profession – This is your business and it must be ran like one for it to be successful. Don’t just hope your great nail art will get people to come see you. If you want to reach your full money making potential, you can’t sit and wait for walk-ins. You must be proactive and market your business to attract clients. When you are not busy, don’t sit idle. Plan promotions that can bring you additional revenue.

Marketing tip #8. Call past clients and reactivate them- Invite old clients back with a “come back” special. Give them a call let them know you miss seeing them and was calling to let them know you are running a special for clients you have seen in a while. Let your client know when you have an openings and ask if any of those days work for them and what time is good. Book the appointment.

Not everyone will be available but some will be and will be grateful you called. Even if only a few come back that’s more than you would have gotten had you not made the call. Don’t have phone numbers? Start getting them.

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Use these Marketing Tips Daily for Success

Use these marketing tips to make everyday count in your beauty business. Make each day a productive one. Aim to make more money, get more referrals, and keep your current clients attached to you. This will mean making use your time wisely and making time for marketing in your work day. When you implement these practices into your daily activities you are setting up each day to be profitable for you. You are not just working for the moment, you are working for the days ahead too. If you follow these marketing tips you will soon see your days become more productive and profitable from your efforts.

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