5 Powerful Ways to WOW Your Nail Clients & Keep Them Loyal

Keep clients loyal and coming back

It’s one thing to keep your nail clients satisfied, but it’s another thing to Wow them so they keep coming back and referring others to you.

If you want to raise the bar and separate yourself from the typical nail salon or nail tech here are 5 ways to Wow your clients so they fall in love with you and your nail/beauty business.

  • Give Clients More Than What They Expect -A few ways you can do this is by offering; cool drinks in summer and hot drinks in winter, hot towel wraps, 5 minute massage with service, handouts on nail care after service or welcome packages for new clients. You can even do follow up calls to new clients to be sure they were delighted with the service and to thank them for coming in or even give free unexpected gifts. These are just a little extra that don’t take up a lot of time but go a long way to show clients you care.  Make clients feel you are worth every penny they spend with you.
  • Do Surveys – Sometimes you can’t think of everything that might be good for your business. Your clients can be a source of great ideas to make your business even better than everyone else’s. Make survey sheets and have your clients fill out letting you know things you can make better or new services they would like. Once you have all the surveys, make plans to implement ideas you feel are great for your business and that you can realistically do. Clients will love that you listen to them and be happy to see their idea in action!
  • Give a Shout Out – If you are on social media use this to give a “Shout Out” to clients that have their own business.  It’s great way to help promote their business. In turn, they just may do the same for you! You can also give “shout outs” for just about any reason. It’s all about making clients feel special! So be sure you are following all your clients on social media. (When giving shout outs, however be sure to never use their photo without permission when applicable).
  • Give Gifts – The Holidays are a great time to give a small gift that will delight your clients as they probably will not be expecting it.  Small gift bags you can get from the dollar store are great ways to stay in your budget. Check out Pinterest for some great Do-it-Yourself gifts that wont break the bank.
  • Build Relationships – The best way to keep clients loyal is to build a relationship that goes beyond the transactional relationship you have with them. Make them feel as if they are not just a paying client, but an appreciated client and “friend”. Have a client appreciation event at your salon, or at a park. Grilled hot dogs, chips , soft drinks and  games for kids is a great way to really connect.  You can also build relationships via social media. Be sure to follow them, watch out for birthdays and comment on their status and photos. Another great way to really build better relationships with clients!

By implementing these Wow factors into your beauty business, you will do more than just have satisfied clients. You have clients that love you and your business and will refer more clients because of the value you bring over other salons.

Have any ways you like to WOW you clients? Let’s here about it, leave a comment and share!

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