10 Ways to Make 100k PER Year as a Nail Technician

Make Money as a Nail Technician


10 Ways to Make 100k as a Nail TechnicianIn this post I’m sharing 10 ways to make 100k+ per year as a Nail Technician!

Here are 10 things you should focus on to increase your income dramatically and make more money. Of course you’ll want to combine these to create a powerhouse strategy!

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# 1 . Slay –

Make sure you can “slay” a set of nails. In other words, you must be better than good at what you do. You should be exceptional.  Know how to do the latest nail fashions and trends that will keep you in demand.

Being exceptional at doing nails actually has two parts in my opinion.  The other half is the amount of time it takes you to do a set of nails.  You should also know how to work at a good pace without sacrificing the quality of your work. Being too slow can get you backed up and not seeing as many clients as you should. You can work “fast” and be exceptional at the same time.

If you are doing detailed nail art that realistically will take more than an hour or two, that’s one thing. But at the basic level you should know how to get clients in and out reasonably and have their nails looking great. Be sure to check out my article on becoming a Super Fast Nail Tech.

These things  will make you a highly confident nail tech that can demand the price you want.


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#2. Make Your Presence Known Online –

If you are not marketing and branding yourself as the best nail tech in the world online, you are waaaaaaaaaaay behind the times. It’s one thing to be online socializing and putting up a few pictures of your work here and there, but it’s another thing to build a business online.

If you take your nail business seriously and want to make it a career, YOU MUST Shift from casually posting about your dinner,  to posting about things that will grow your business. This is one of the quickest way to get the clientele you want and grow your nail business.

#3. Offer additional Services –

Become a one stop shop for your clients. Waxing, Brows, makeup, lashes are all in high demand. Why let your clients go else where? Get trained on how to do these services so you can offer more to your clients. Offering more and upselling your clients additional services, means you make more. Why make $45 when you can make $98 from 1 client? Always look to make more by offering your clients value add-ons.

#4. Raise your prices –

Are you still charging $20 for a full set with nail art while top nail techs are charging $65 and up? If you are more than likely you are not making money.  Doing nails on the cheap will not get you paid.  Doing nails for cheap means you are not confident that the work you do is worth more. Your price can mean the difference between you living comfortably or you struggling. Check out my post here to learn why you need to raise your price asap.


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#5. Find A Niche to Dominate –

Today’s nail art has really gotten more intricate with nail shapes, swarovski crystals, stones, mermaid designs, and designer looks. Nail art has gone over and beyond the typical flower nail art done with the dotting tool. Not to mention the Pinterest and Instagram inspired looks clients want to duplicate.

If you can do something no one else in the area is doing that is HOT on these social sites, you can dominate your city or side of town. Become the go to person for the latest nail trends that no one else is doing in your area. Stand out from the crowd, be different.

Obviously these in DEMAND looks cost more than the typical nail service. Depending on the look, stones, and time it takes prices can range from $125-$200. Top Nail Techs charge this and don’t blink and eye. Cool thing is, they get the money because they SLAY. Their work is professional and Top Notch.

Isn’t it time you upgraded your business and stop playing around with being a nail Tech!?

#6. Book Appointments –

If you are not setting the next appointment before clients leave your table, you do not have control of your money. The best way to keep your money coming in consistently is to be on top of how often your clients come in to see you. You do not want them popping in whenever they want. You want them to come back in a timely manner.  Always, when possible, book the next appointment before your client leaves. You can even Prebook giving clients a standing appointment with you every 2 weeks like clock work for the services they need.  Learn more here.

#7. Keep a database of  your clients and potential clients –

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to blast out a text message or email to all your clients (past and present) letting them know about your Christmas Promotion? Just one text message can add a few extra hundred dollars to your bottom line quickly. Top nail technicians keep a database and they continue to grow it every month. They use their data base to promote things like, Mother’s Day Packages, Back to School specials, Gift baskets, Salon events and more! Your database is money.  If you don’t have one, start one.

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#8. Get Business Savvy

Do you know how much you made last month? Do you know how much you spent on supplies? If you don’t, then you will never understand how much money is really flowing through your business. To make 6 figures as a Nail Tech you must understand the numbers and really delve into how much you need to make daily to reach a 6 figure income. If you are not taking care of the money, the money will not take care of you. Keep good records. Set monthly and weekly income goals and strive to reach them.

The effort will increase your bottom line. When you reach for the stars, even if you miss, its a farther reach than if you did not reach at all.

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#9. Stop Limiting Yourself

If you are not practicing religiously or furthering your education, you essentially are not looking to become better at what you do.

If you feel no one will want to pay higher prices, so therefore you don’t do it, it’s because you are in the dark about how to charge higher prices and what makes clients pay more.

The only thing standing between you and making more money is you. How much are you willing to put into your business? Mediocre won’t cut it. You must be willing to give it all you got. The highly confident nail tech makes the most.

Being a Nail Technician and Artist is a profession, just like being a lawyer, doctor or counselor. Respect it as such and it will pay you as such.

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#10. Join the 6 Figure Nail Technician Business Boot Camp –

If you are serious about making 100k as a nail technician, take a look at the 6 Figure Nail Technician Beauty Marketing Boot Camp. I go into depth on each of these topics PLUS a WHOLE LOT MORE. I’ll Show you exactly what you need to do to reach six figures in the fastest way possible without having to service “a million” clients to do it.

I’ve been running this boot camp since 2008 and it’s helped many nail techs hit the ground running and making money. The time is now to make a change. Are you ready?

In conclusion…..

I hope you have found this list to be helpful. Implement these strategies into your nail business today for results that will put more money in your pocket!

Candace Harrison

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